Sergio Perez disappointed after not scoring points at Canadian GP –

F1 News: Red Bull Racing’s Sergio Perez is very disappointed after failing to finish the race at Canada’s F1 GP on Sunday (6/19) local time. The result saw Perez go home empty-handed, aka zero points.

Starting in 13th position (due to an incident during the qualifying session), Sergio Perez actually started the race well in Montreal. He had pushed to 11th place before finally having to leave because his car had a technical problem. It only lasted eight laps at the Canadian GP before getting into the garage faster.

Responding to his failure to earn points, Perez was certainly disappointed. Additionally, Perez has been in a positive trend over the past series.

“It’s a shame. Everything went wrong for us this weekend. The reliability issues hurt us a bit and going home without points hurts me. I lost my gear, my car was stalled and couldn’t move forward at all. That’s the problem. It’s a shame,” Perez said.

“I have a good strategy and I managed to move up the position. I think I have everything to fight for the podium. Everything was fine until we came out of race. We follow the rhythm, we manage the tires and the brakes. So, in the final stages of the race, we will have great potential to come back. It’s really detrimental to get out of the race when you’re fighting for the championship,” said the driver, who knows Checo’s nickname well.

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