Sebastian Vettel wants to break into the top ten at the Canadian GP –

F1 News: Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel is hoping to break into the top ten at the next Canadian Grand Prix. He familiarized himself with the AMR22 which was constantly being improved.

Regarding the 2022 season, we cannot say that the performances of Sebastian Vettel and Aston Martin are good. The former Ferrari driver, however, never gave up and always tried to improve his performance on the race track. The increase is not yet significant, but it represents a positive step forward. Vettel therefore hopes to enter the points zone in Montreal.

“For Montreal, we have to remain realistic this weekend. Even getting a point would be a success for us. We must not forget that we gained two places in Baku thanks to the failure of two Ferrari drivers. It is not not easy to be in the top spot because the top four are usually won by the drivers of the top two teams,” Vettel said in an interview with local media.

“Then there’s Mercedes, who are a bit ahead of the middle group teams. That said, we can fight for the last four places in the top ten. McLaren are looking pretty good overall, even though they didn’t perform well in Baku.” yet.

To be able to finish as planned, Vettel must first reach the ideal starting position. The starting position in the front row or in the middle is very useful so that he can appear competitive.

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