Sanctions war rages on, more than 300 Canadians banned from entering Russia

The sanctions were announced by Russia on Tuesday, March 15, in response to what Moscow called “outrageous hostility by the current Canadian regime.”

In addition to Trudeau, Russia’s sanctions list also includes the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and National Defense, and most members of the House of Commons of the Canadian Parliament.

“Aggressive pro-Bandera elements” in Canada are also banned, according to the Russian announcement, a reference to Ukrainian Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera during World War II. RTWednesday (16/3).

Those subject to sanctions do not have the right to enter the Russian Federation.

The Russian Foreign Ministry defended its latest decision by saying that “any Russophobic attack, whether an attack on a Russian diplomatic mission, a closure of its airspace or an actual breakdown of bilateral economic relations in Ottawa that is detrimental to Canadian interests, will surely receive a firm decision and should not have to be made. a symmetrical rejection.”

Moscow’s announcement of sanctions follows Canada’s declaration that it will impose sanctions on 15 Russian officials.

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