Samsung Adds Canadian French to Galaxy AI Translate Feature

JAKARTA – When introducing Galaxy AI in the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung highlighted its Live Translate function. This feature can translate languages ​​directly real time, but language support is still very limited.

Live Translate only supports 18 languages, including Chinese, English, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Arabic, Indonesian and many more. Recently, Samsung announced that it had added a new language, French-Canadian.

Raj Doshi, head of Samsung's mobile business in Canada, said interest in using Galaxy AI is growing. So Samsung launched French, which can overcome the problem of language barriers in Canada.

“The introduction of Canadian French to the Galaxy AI language suite will eliminate the language barrier for Canadian Galaxy users,” Doshi said. “This effort allows Galaxy users in Canada to communicate on a unique scale.”

In addition to Live Translate, a translation feature real time added to calls, French Canadian language is also added to five other features, namely basic interpreter, chat support, notes support, transcription support and navigation support .

Now Galaxy AI users can easily create text, summarize notes, transcribe, summarize and translate voice recordings. Everything can be done in Canadian French or from another language into Canadian French.

French-Canadian can now be downloaded as a language pack via Settings. To use French Canadian on all Galaxy AI features, you need to go to the feature settings one by one and download the language.

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