Ryan Reynolds Shows His Love For NewJeans, Netizens Are Going Crazy

TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe popularity of K-pop idol group NewJeans caught the eye of Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds. Not too long ago, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Deadpool actor showed his fondness for NewJeans’ latest song titled OH MY GOD.

On his personal TikTok account, Ryan Reynolds uses trending models accompanied by songs OH MY GOD NewJeans. In the video, Ryan Reynolds uses a model with a photo of him from the film paper man (2009) with bleached blonde hair, wearing a Superman costume.

Even though most people use templates with other people’s photos, netizens find it funny that she basically made fan edits for herself. While other netizens were surprised to see Ryan Reynolds join the trend, given his association with K-Pop, it’s not that surprising.

I think it’s a fan account“, wrote @saam*** a comment liked by more than 71,000 people on Ryan Reynolds’ TikTok video. “Ryan Reynolds being a kpop fan is my passion“, wrote @_deathto***.”I thought Ryan’s fanbase turned out to be a blue tick account“, wrote @diilm ***.

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Ryan Reynolds’ love for K-pop

Previously, Ryan Reynolds modeled for a photo shoot with HyunA and has a very close friendship with Stray Kids. Ryan Reynolds is on good terms with Bang Chan Stray Kids. Bang Chan himself was a fan of Ryan Reynolds long before they met.

Starting with Ryan Reynolds giving his response to a Deadpool-themed performance by Stray Kids. This then continued when Bang Chan changed his name in Bubble to Chris Reynolds, after being recognized by Ryan Reynolds. Bang Chan also received a special gift from Ryan Reynolds. Bang Chan first asked for an autograph, then received it, written on a bottle of Ryan Reynolds’ private label whiskey. Bang Chan then sent a Stray Kids album signed by him to Ryan Reynolds.

First, I have your autograph here, Bang Chan. Will be shipped to you this week. Second, as a new @Stray_Kids fan, can I get an autograph?tweeted Ryan Reynolds on May 24, 2021.Sign for you? Already on the way. Along with a few other items that might fit the red suit“, replied Stray Kids.

NewJeans goes global

As a newcomer, NewJeans quickly won the hearts of K-pop fans around the world. Their influence quickly went global, the song Same NewJeans entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the first time, after only six months of career. After releasing side B SameNewJeans released OH MY GOD early January 2023.

The band’s songs have found great success on and off the charts, and many have gone viral on the popular social app TikTok. Beyond the trend of dance challenges or the usual dance challenges, OH MY GOD NewJeans found unique success as her viral and CapCut model. TikTok users are getting creative with cute CapCut templates, and many are using them to create adorable and trendy edits of some of their favorite celebrities.


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