Russia urges global economy to be ‘non-politicized’ at G20 health ministers meeting

Russia on Monday urged major economies in the Group of 20 (G20) not to politicize the health rally, as it came under heavy criticism from several other member states for disrupting the sector of Ukrainian health with its invasion that began in February.

“We ask our colleagues not to politicize the G20 health platform and to stay within our mandate and discuss health care,” Russian Deputy Health Minister Oleg Salagay told a meeting of health ministers. G20 Health in Yogyakarta.

Representatives from America, France, Australia, Canada and the European Union have condemned Russia for killing healthcare workers and destroying healthcare infrastructure in Ukraine. They urged Russia to end its aggression.

Andrea Palm, U.S. Undersecretary of Health and Human Services, said Russia’s actions had “put excessive pressure on the global health architecture and on food security. Russia must immediately end its unwarranted and unwarranted war in Ukraine.”

Russia was also surprised that most other members temporarily accepted a multi-billion dollar fund, called the Financial Intermediary Fund (FIF) to strengthen prevention and preparedness for future pandemics. [ka/uh]

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