Russia urges Canada to increase arms spending

Saturday March 26, 2022 – 01:44 WIB

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie. Photo: Sébastien ST-JEAN / AFP, LONDON – Canada will continue to increase defense spending, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday (3/24), as he announced new sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

“Canada will increase the pressure by imposing sanctions on the 160 members of the Russian Federation Council who facilitated and enabled this unwarranted invasion,” Trudeau told reporters after a NATO summit in Brussels.

In the coming days, Canada will also impose new bans on exports of certain goods and technologies to Russia, “with the aim of undermining and eroding Russia’s military capabilities,” according to a statement.

The Russian Embassy in Canada tweeted that targeting members of the Federation Council was “a ridiculous act and a sign of the impotence of Western sanctions policy”.

NATO, G7 and European Union leaders gathered in Brussels for a summit focused on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the United States also announced new sanctions against Moscow to demonstrate the western unity.

Asked about defense spending, Trudeau said “our investment in our Canadian Armed Forces will continue to increase and we’ll talk more about that when the time is right.”

Several European countries, including Germany, Poland and Denmark, have increased military spending in response to the Ukraine crisis.

Trudeau spoke about the deal he reached with the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) earlier this week.

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