Russia and the West fight for energy supplies intensify

Russia’s state-owned gas company announced Monday (July 25) an unexpected and drastic reduction in deliveries to Europe, leading Ukraine to call on the West to wage a “gas war”.

Quoted on the Channel News Asia page, Tuesday (26/7/2022), the gas cuts come in the cautious hope of resuming exports of another major commodity this week – Ukrainian wheat – as part of of a revolutionary agreement called into question by a Moscow strike at the main port of Odessa. .

Gazprom, the Russian energy giant, said it was reducing daily gas deliveries to Europe through the Nord Stream pipeline to 33 million cubic meters per day – about 20% of the pipeline’s capacity – from of Wednesday.

The company said it stopped operating one of the last two turbines in operation due to “engine technical conditions”.

But Germany – which relies heavily on Russian gas but appears to be winding down after Moscow invaded Ukraine on February 24 – says there is no technical justification for the cuts.

The German group Siemens Energy, which is in charge of the maintenance of the turbines, also said in a statement to AFP that it saw “no link between the turbines and the gas cuts that have been put in place or announced”. .

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said the budget cuts showed Europe should step up sanctions against Russia.

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