Russia accuses Europe of secretly arming Ukraine, potentially wide-ranging conflict

Bisnis.comJAKARTA – Germany and France are accused of using the Minsk agreement for secret military reinforcements in Ukraine.

Head of delegation Russia for the Vienna talks, on military security and arms control, Konstantin Gavrilov told a meeting of the OSCE Forum on Security Co-operation on Wednesday (18/1/2023).

“Citizens of European countries, the United States and Canada should know that the “co-mediators” of the peace settlement in Ukraine, Germany and France use the Minsk complex of measures and Security Council resolution 2202 of the UN as a screen for secret diplomacy,” he said.

He explained that there are plans to strengthen the anti-Russian army in Kyiv and the help of NATO members.

“It aims to strengthen the anti-Russian army in Kyiv with the direct help of NATO member states,” he continued, quoted by TASSThursday (19/1/2023).

The Russian diplomat also pointed out that the policies of Berlin and Paris indirectly put all of Europe on the brink of armed conflict.

On February 22, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that the Minsk Agreement no longer existed following Russia’s recognition of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR).

However, Russia is not to blame, according to which the Minsk agreements were terminated by the current authorities in Kyiv, long before the recognition of the People’s Republic of Donbass.

It is known that the Russian invasion of Ukraine since February 24, 2022 has damaged many important infrastructures and caused the disappearance of hundreds of Ukrainian civilians.

Hundreds of souls were lost and millions more tried to flee to other regions, even to neighboring countries to survive.

Many countries are trying to help Ukraine by providing military assistance to Kyiv, so that it can defend itself against Russian missile attacks.

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