Robert Paul dies, not only good at racing, but he also has that background

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Robert Paul died (01/19/2023). – Indonesian motor racing has again lost one of its best drivers.

News Robert Paul died (on 01/19/2023) a shock to the Indonesian motor racing community.

Because there was no news that the Canadian rider was sick or anything.

“He is a very healthy person, he diligently checks his health and general examinations”,

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“So learning the sad news of his death was of course very surprising because a few days before he communicated,” said Taqwa Surya Swasono, the owner of the repair shop. Garden Speedwhere Robert Paul entrusted the racing car.

Robert, as he was known, who died aged 63, was also known as a touring racer drag race.

This friendly Caucasian man is well known for his unique and attractive horsemanship from the mid-1990s until now.

Holden Torana as drag racing record holder, BMW M3 E30, Nissan Primera ex BTCC (British Touring Car Championship) and finally Alfa Romeo which is used for retro racing.

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