Rich twist! These are the hundreds of billions of dollars received by Morocco, Croatia, France and Argentina

Doha, Apart from pride, each country that qualifies for the World Cup is rewarded with a cash prize based on their performance. The event that saw Argentina become world champions after beating France on penalties in the final was an epic battle between Messi (2 goals) and Mbappe (3 goals).

FIFA is awarding 440 million US dollars (6.6 trillion rupees) in prize money for the World Cup. Prize money has increased since the previous World Cup to the tune of US$400 million (6 trillion rupiah) split among 32 teams. FIFA distributes the prizes they win as tournament organizers.

The amount of money awarded depends on the achievements in the tournament of each country. Additionally, each team received 1.5 million US dollars (22.5 billion rupees) to qualify for the World Cup.

Here’s the prize money each team earned on their journey to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. World champions Argentina, who beat France in the final, received 42 million US dollars (630 billion rupees). This prize money increased from the World Cup in 2014 (champion of Germany) and the winner in 2018 (France) 38 million US dollars (570 billion Rp).

France as a finalist gets 30 million US dollars (450 billion rupees). Third-placed Croatia won US$27 million (405 billion rupees). And Morocco as 4th place was rewarded with 25 million US dollars (375 billion rupees)

The teams that reached the quarter-finals each won US$17 million (255 billion rupees). These are Brazil, the Netherlands, Portugal and England.

Teams that reach the Round of 16 earn $13 million each. These are the United States, Senegal, Australia, Poland, Spain, Japan, Switzerland and South Korea.

The teams eliminated in the group stage each won US$9 million (135 billion rupees). These are Qatar, Ecuador, Wales, Iran, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Tunisia, Canada, Belgium, Germany, from Costa Rica, Serbia, Cameroon, Ghana and Uruguay.


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