RI fuss Perppu Ciptaker rules 5-6 business days, 18 developed countries implement 4

Bisnis.comSOLO – Indonesian people are making a fuss lately Perpu Job creation which would have abolished the rule of two days off per week for employees.

Ciptaker Perppu removed the phrase about two days off a week that previously appeared in Section 79(2) of the Labor Act, which reads as follows:

The rest and time off referred to in subsection (1) includes: a. rest between working hours, at least half an hour after having worked for 4 (four) continuous hours and the break does not include working hours; b. weekly rest 1 (one) day for 6 (six) working days in 1 (one) week or 2 (two) days for 5 (five) working days in 1 (one) week.

Howeverif you look at article 77 Ciptaker, the rule regarding two working days off per week for employees still exists.

1. Every employer is required to respect the provisions relating to working time. 2. The working time referred to in paragraph (1) includes: a. 7 (seven) hours 1 (one) day and 40 (forty) hours 1 (one) week for 6 (six) working days in 1 (one) week; or b. 8 (eight) hours 1 (one) day and 40 (forty) hours 1 (one) week for 5 (five) working days in 1 (one) week. If we look closely, we can say that employees who work 8 hours a day have two days off a week.

In short, workers who work 8 hours a day will work five days a week. Meanwhile, those who work 7 hours a day must work 6 days a week.

An interesting phenomenon appeared, while Indonesia was busy around 5 and 6 working days, 18 developed countries began to impose 4 working days on their employees.

According to the World Population Review, the reduction of working days in developed countries is intended so that workers can implement it work-life balance or work-life balance.

Here are 18 developed countries that have started implementing the 4 working days:


2. Belgium.

3. Canada.

4. Denmark.

5. Finland.

6. Germany.

7. Iceland.

8. Ireland.

9. Japan.

10. Lithuania.

11. Netherlands.

12. New Zealand.

13. Scotland.

14. Spain.

15. Sweden.

16. WATER.

17. England.

18. United States.

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