RI can’t keep secrets

This assessment was conveyed by political observer, Rocky Gerung, during an interview with veteran journalist Hersubeno Arief, which aired on his YouTube channel, last Friday (11/18).

“If we want to imagine, why did he leak there (the G20 event)? It means Canada or the western bloc is taking advantage of the G20 without coordinating with Indonesia. I think so,” said Rocky. RMOL Political News AgencySaturday (19/11).

According to this former professor of philosophy at the University of Indonesia, Indonesia as the organizer of the G20 summit should be able to maintain the secrecy of the talks between the countries concerned.

“It means Indonesia’s ability to keep secrets from world leaders in session has not been implemented,” he said.

For Rocky, the leaked content of Trudeau’s conversation that was eventually published by international journalists attending the G20 summit has another perspective.

“Finally, international journalists judged that it had been exploited by the great powers riding inside events whose presidency is Indonesia,” Rocky said.

“Indonesia may be surprised, ‘oh man, it’s leaking, we don’t know’. Indonesia should have known first, because he’s the host, ‘oh there are bilateral talks, two halls, between Tredeau and Biden,” he continued. .

Therefore, Rocky concluded that the leak of the content of the Tradeau talks that led to a spat with Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the G20 summit a few days ago was due to foreign intelligence playing to raise some questions.

“So from a diplomatic point of view, Indonesia lost in the fight over the issue, because the issue was used by Jinping, used by Biden, and we know there is also a US proxy,” said said Rocky.

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