Revealing why Indonesians love instant noodles food made from stretched and rolled flour dough in various forms from China has a special place in the hearts of Indonesians, especially instant noodles.

Even the existence of instant noodles is considered a savior in times of old age. More than that, some people have even formed their own social media communities, like the facebook group Dunia Mi Instant.

So the question arises, why do Indonesians love instant noodles so much? Reporting from, according to The Jakarta Post, instant noodles and Indonesians seem to have a distinct relationship, as the flavors featured are tailored to the Indonesian language.

Meanwhile, according to the American Society for Nutrition, the taste-enhancing MSG or sodium salt content in instant noodles can provide feelings of fullness when combined with protein.

This is why Indonesians really love and feel satisfied to make noodles as one of the staple foods so often.

Over time, instant noodles began to be created with various additional toppings such as eggs and meatballs, and then MSG would add to the umami or savorier taste of instant noodles.

According to Professor Houyuan Lu of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, the first evidence of noodles ever found was at the Lajia archaeological site located in northwest China. .

Archaeologists found a bowl of thin yellow noodles that were preserved and dried, buried under rock.

In this discovery, archaeologist Gary Crawford from the University of Toronto, Canada revealed that the finds of these noodles are made from millet seeds or grain seeds which are ground into flour and then produce a paste. , after which the dough is pulled and stretched to form noodles.

The spread of noodles started when traders from China in the 19th century came to Japan with wheat noodles, then the Japanese created their own version and it became ramen. The popularity of noodles soared during World War II 1939-1945 as an alternative food for starving troops.

Similar to Indonesia, Chinese traders also brought these noodles to Indonesia, until 1968 the birth of the first instant noodles in Indonesia, namely Supermi, a year later, 1969, the new instant brand Indomie was born with its first chicken broth flavor variation.

Due to its success, Indomie in 1983 launched a new flavor variant, namely fried noodles. This variant of fried noodles is the most popular so far and was even named the best instant noodles according to the Los Angeles Times in 2019 and New York Magazine in 2021, who created and blended these Indomie spices, namely Nunuk Nuraini deceased in 2021 at the age of 59.

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