Revealed! Caucasians dancing naked on Mount Batur Bali Canadian WN


Spinning strangers (strangers) dancing naked on the Mount Batur, bali, went viral on social media. It was later revealed that the stranger was known to be a Canadian citizen with the initials GDC (34).

“Canadian citizen, initials GDC, 34-year-old male,” TPI Special Class I Immigration Office Chief Depansar Tedy Riyandi said, quoted. secondsBaliSunday (4/24/2022).

According to Tedy, GDC lives in Uluwatu, Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung Regency area. GDC was summoned for review on Monday (4/25/2022).

“The temporary address remains in Uluwatu. In the meantime, the address is in Uluwatu. We will expand later updates. It is scheduled for tomorrow morning (a summons has been made), “said Tedy.

Tedy clarified that his party had also summoned the GDC guarantor during his stay in Bali. “Then we try to call the person concerned tomorrow at the office to request information. Our team moves to the sponsor, perhaps at the first opportunity we will request information from the sponsor”, he concluded .

To note, a video of foreign tourists dancing naked or naked caused a sensation in the world of social networks. The video of the man dancing without clothes is said to have been taken at the northern peak of Mount Batur, Kintamani district, Bangli Regency. The man’s action was self-recorded and posted on his Instagram social media account, @mind_body_healer.

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