Reunion with Tom DeLonge, Blink-182 Will Comeback and World Tour

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Tom De Longe will join as staff Blink-182 together Travis Barker and Marc Hoppus. In this comeback, the pop punk group will release a new title called Edging and will go on a world tour in 2023.

The return with the DeLonge-Barker-Hoppus trio line-up was announced via the official social media account Blink-182. They uploaded a promotional video showing fans waiting for the skate pop group’s reunion.

We are back. The tour is coming. Tom arrives. Edging’s new song will be released on Friday“, wrote the account @blink182 on Instagram, Tuesday (11/10) evening.

Blink-182’s new song titled Edging is set to be released on Friday (10/14). Edging marks the first time the trio have worked on music together in a decade.

Meanwhile, Blink-182’s international tour is set to begin on March 11, 2023 in Mexico. They then continued to organize a series of tours in South America and North America until mid-2023.


The next tour will take place in major cities across Europe in September 2023 as well as Australia and New Zealand in early 2024. Tickets for the Blink-182 Concert Tour will go on sale Monday (10/17) via the website.

Blink-182 last toured North America in 2019. Around this time, Blink-182 collaborated with rapper Lil Wayne to tour the United States and Canada.

Meanwhile, this moment also marks Tom DeLonge’s return to Blink-182 since 2015. He actually left the position of guitarist and vocalist for Blink-182 in 2005.

However, DeLonge briefly returned in 2009 until his official departure in 2015. He decided to leave the band to pursue his own music career.

Hoppus and Barker then recruited Alkaline Trio Matt Skiba as their replacement vocalist. The Blink-182 lineup has also changed to Mark Hoppus (bass), Matt Skiba (guitar and vocals) and Travis Barker (drums).

Blink-182 with this format also released two albums, namely California (2019) and Nine (2019).

Then in 2021, Hoppus revealed he had been diagnosed with cancer and had managed to recover. Hoppus, Barker and DeLonge, finally reunited after the bassist was diagnosed with cancer.

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The story behind the meeting was revealed by Hoppus. He confessed that he was happy because he was visited by two members of Blink-182 who had a lot of influence on his musical career.

“It was the first time the three of us were in the same room in five years,” Hoppus told People on Wednesday (8/17).

“Honestly, it was way better than anything I’ve experienced before. There was no agenda. No more hard feelings. It was like going back to what was supposed to be: three friends sitting together in a room “, he recalls.

This reunion then caused many fans to speculate about a Blink-182 reunion. This was also reinforced by Tom DeLonge’s Instagram upload some time ago, which attached photos from early Blink-182 eras.


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