Replacing players in volleyball matches, here’s how and the rules

  1. Get to, OLAHRAGA- In Indonesia, volleyball is one of the sport which is often played by many ages, boys and girls. This sport is very popular in Indonesia, it is proven that Indonesia successfully donated the women’s national team to Thailand to participate in the Asean Volleyball Grand Prix invitation from 9 to 11 september.

The game of volleyball is done by hitting the ball so that the ball can fall on the opponent’s side. If the opponent is unable to return the ball, the team gets a point.

The sport of volleyball is under the auspices of the FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) as the parent organization of the international volleyball organization. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, it is shaded by PBVSI (Volleyball Association of All Indonesia).

Having an international organization, volleyball of course has special rules in its game.

Volleyball players must obey the rules that have been established. One of them is related to the substitution of players in volleyball matches, which can be done after the match or during a timeout.

Reported by Sportsrec, each team must have 6 players to start the game. Each player must rotate in the correct order in each set.

According to FIVB rules, each team can only make 6 substitutions per set, but players in Libero positions have different rules and regulations.

Therefore, if a substitution involves a Libero position, then the substitution does not count. In this way, a player in the Libero position can enter and exit the game an unlimited number of times. However, he can only replace players in the back row.

Basic volleyball techniques

Volleyball is played by 2 teams of 6 players each. This game can be played from children to adults, boys and girls.

In volleyball, players need technical ability and physical strength. The basic techniques players need to master are passing, serving, smash and blocking.

Reported through Equivalence Education’s eModul training movement with the ball (volleyball and baseball), passing is a movement performed to pass the ball to teammates to be played in their own area.

The basic passing technique is divided into two, namely the overpass and the underpass. Players typically use overhead passes to pass to teammates who will crush.

Meanwhile, the low pass is usually used as a team defense when receiving an attack from the opponent.

A serve is a kick from the back line of the playing court until it passes over the net on the opponent’s side.

Additionally, there is a smash, which is a technique of hitting the ball in the air that is done simultaneously with the jump. The rhythm of the smash ball is hard and plunging.

Finally, the blocking or barrage is a defensive technique that is performed above the net. This move is made by the player to resist the shattering blow of the opponent.

Kiera Van Ryk. The 23-year-old Canadian player with a stature of 188cm who plays as an outside hitter occupies the 5th position in the provisional high score rankings until the end of the group stage. He collected a total of 213 points on 182 smashes, 11 blocks and 20 serves. Unfortunately, Canada did not qualify for the quarter-finals as they only finished 12th in the final group stage standings out of a total of 16 entrants.

Men’s Volleyball Net Size

The standard size of the men’s volleyball net is 2.34 meters. The height of the net is measured from the center of the court. The height of the net must be parallel to the two posts of the barrier and must not be lateral.

In addition, the height of the net can be adjusted according to the competition class. For those over 55, the net height can be lowered, which is 2.38 meters for those aged 55-69 and 2.29 meters for those aged 70 and over.

Girls Volleyball Net Size

The standard size of the women’s volleyball net is 2.24 meters. Just like the net height rules for men, the net height size for women can also be lowered depending on their age.

Volleyball players aged 45 and over are allowed to lower the net with the height provision, which is 2.19 meters.

A brief history of volleyball

Indonesia – Volleyball – SEA Games 2021 – May 20, 2022

The Indonesian national team is ready to battle against Cambodia in the 2021 SEA Games Men’s Volleyball Semi-Final at Dai Yen Sports Arena, Quang Ninh on Friday (20/5/2022) at 2:00 PM WIB.

The game of volleyball was created by William G. Morgan in 1895 in Massachusetts. Initially, he created a game called Mintonette to replace the game of basketball which he found tiring for him.

Originally the Mintonette game, this game did not have a set number of players, so in 1896 this game was changed by Alfred T. Halstead to volleyball.

The origin of the game of volleyball is that the characteristic of this game is to throw the ball first, before the ball hits the ground (volley).

Volleyball was born in the United States, precisely in the region of Hoyloke, Massachusetts. During the first game demonstration held at the International YMCS Training School, William G. Morgan explained that this game can be played both indoors and outdoors.

The object of the game is to defend the ball and move the ball through the net to the opposing side.

Reported through the Equivalence Education eModul on Ball Movement Training (Volleyball and Baseball), the winner of the volleyball game is the team that can collect up to 25 points first (2 points difference with the adversary) or what are called rally points.


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