Reasons why Canada is working with Raphael Maitimo to become official

Surabaya ( – For Indonesian football fans, the name Raphael Maitimo is no stranger. But who would have believed it, this former Persebaya Surabaya player is now part of the official Canadian U-17 national team.

Raphael Maitimo is considered the manager and coordinator of the Canadian U-17 national team. He was seen with the Canadian U17 national team training at the November 10 Gelora Stadium in Surabaya, Wednesday (11/15/2023).

Raphael was seen training with the team on the pitch. He occasionally chats with Canadian U-17 national team coach Andrew Olivery.

Unfortunately, Media Official did not allow Timo to be interviewed. Despite this, Andrew Olivery gave a good answer when asked about Raphael’s position in the team.

The Canadian national team must work hard to get the final point

Olivery said it was an honor to see a naturalized Indonesian player join the Canadian national team. Remember that Raphael’s name is well known among Indonesian football fans and he has a good and impressive performance.

“Yes, Timo (Raphael’s nickname) is quite famous here and he is doing great things in Indonesia and he is a person with a good and impressive personality. Helping players on and off the field. “He really understands this country and we are very lucky to have him,” he said.

Former Persebaya becomes Canada’s official at 2023 U-17 World Cup

It is known that Rapahel Maitimo is currently responsible for being the manager and coordinator of the Canadian U-17 national team during the U-17 World Cup. His duties applied not only during training sessions, but also when the Canadian U-17 national team participated in the group stages.

He was appointed to help Team Canada because he knew enough about Indonesia, particularly Bali. Because before the World Cup, the Canadian U-17 team held a training camp in Bali. [way/beq]

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