Re-released in cinemas, the film Avatar powered by the latest technologies

Avatar (2009). Photo: AFP

jpnn.comJAKARTA — Director James Cameron has revealed the reason for Avatar’s re-release in theaters this month.

The film, released in 2009, will return to theaters in 4K High Dynamic Range.

“This film will be more beautiful than ever,” James Cameron recently said at a press conference.

He confirmed this after the team completed the entire process of remastering the film.

For the Canadian director, the presence of the world of Avatar after 13 years, is supported by the latest technologies.

“We were really impressed with the look of the film, providing a new physical cinematic experience,” said James Cameron.

Since its first release in 2009, “Avatar” has been considered such a refreshing and daring film, both in terms of the story and the use of technology in its time.

The film is also considered a major influence on modern blockbuster films many years later.

Director James Cameron assures that the Avatar movie re-release will be more exciting as it is backed by the latest technology.

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