Raphael Maitimo is helping the Canadian U-17 National Team at the 2023 U-17 World Cup, what are his duties?

Bola.com, Gianyar – There was a familiar figure when Canada U-17 National Team He is training for the 2023 U-17 World Cup. He is Raphael Maitimo, a naturalized Dutch midfielder who has previously played for Mitra Kukar, Persija Jakarta and Persib Bandung.

Maitimo was seen wearing the uniform of the coach and official of the Canadian U-17 national team. After investigation, Maitimo is not in the coaching ranks, but he has a new mission for the Canadian U-17 national team to U-17 World Cup 2023.

“I am now the team leader and coordinator of the Canadian U-17 National Team at the U-17 World Cup. Not only during training, but also when playing in the group stage in Solo and Surabaya,” Maitimo explained.

Maitimo was also happy to be able to help the Canadian U-17 national team at the U-17 World Cup. His job this time is to help the coaches during training. Apart from this, off the field it also helps in providing various facilities and meeting the needs.

“I already know Indonesia and Bali. Here, I help them,” he explained. “I am happy to be able to collaborate with Canada and help the young people of Canada. I hope that the U-17 World Cup in Indonesia can go off smoothly,” he said.

During training, he also monitors the condition of all players. He even trained with the Rogues team. “My physical condition is still very good. I can help in training like before if the coach needs me during tactical training,” he said.

The former Indonesian national team player continued: The Canadian U-17 national team has a pretty good team. But he cannot predict how far Lucas Ozimec et al will go. U-17 World Cup this time.

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