Pupuk Indonesia is ready to support the distribution of subsidized fertilizers

DRAWING. Distribution of subsidized fertilizers. Pupuk Indonesia is ready to support the subsidized fertilizer program.

Journalist: Vendy Yulia Susanto | Editor: Khomarul Hidayat

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Pupuk Indonesia is ready to support the subsidized fertilizer program. The urea fertilizer and NPK fertilizer factories are working well and developing a distribution system that can distribute subsidized fertilizer according to the allocation set by the government and in accordance with the regulations.

Pupuk Indonesia Marketing Manager Gusrizal explained that in the company’s 2022 work plan, Pupuk Indonesia expects to produce about 8,096,000 tons of urea fertilizer in one year. Even so, Pupuk Indonesia still has a remaining stock which is still allocated at the beginning of the year around 867,781 tons.

Thus, in total, Pupuk Indonesia expects to have a production stock of approximately 8,993,781 tons.

“If there is a change in allocation later, at least we still have reserves of 4 million tonnes more if there is a need for subsidies. Otherwise, we will do it without subsidy. So our production is 8.9 million tons of urea, while the subsidized fertilizer allocation for urea is around 4 million tons,” Gusrizal said at a press conference at the office of the ministry of coordination of the economy, Friday (15/7).

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In addition, for NPK fertilizers, Pupuk Indonesia also plans to produce 3,083,500 tons. Pupuk Indonesia is also still supplying an early stock of 331,754 tons.

“So in 2022, God willing, we will have a production of around 3,415,252 tons. Now the allocation of NPK is around 2.4 million tons, so we hope that will be enough to meet the needs “, Gusrizal said.

Gusrizal said Pupuk Indonesia has also perfected the scanning system to develop a digital system from Line 1 to Line 3 and is currently expanding from Line 3 to Line 4.

“Both, one is called retail management system, kiosk repurchase and we are also developing product tracking of the movement of our line 3 fertilizer from provincial warehouse to distribution kiosk “, explained Gusrizal.

Gusrizal said Pupuk Indonesia is also developing a disruption planning and control system. Pupuk Indonesia has a control room which can see the stock of subsidized fertilizers in all districts of Indonesia.

“So every morning we monitor which stock is yellow, which stock is green, that is, our material for shipping, refining or repair if there are distribution problems due to weather conditions. and other factors,” Gusrizal said.

Guzrizal expressed his gratitude to the government for supporting Pupuk Indonesia, especially in the supply of natural gas as it is the main ingredient for making fertilizer.

He said that in NPK fertilizers, the N element comes from natural gas, while the raw materials for the P and K elements are always obtained from imports.

“Our P is still a bit loose because it comes on average from North Africa and the Middle East. But if we get it from Canada, Belarus and Russia. So now it’s an area of conflict. So we thank President Jokowi for his efforts. KCL is supplying from Russia,” Gusrizal said.

Meanwhile, subsidized fertilizer is given to farmers who have a maximum area of ​​2 hectares (ha) per planting season. These farmers must be members of the farmers’ group and registered in the Simluhtan (Agricultural Extension Management Information System).

Distribution of subsidized fertilizer from retail kiosks to farmers using Kartu Tani through electronic data entry machines and/or digital applications. In case the farmer card is not yet available, the distribution can use an identity card (KTP).

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