PT Telkom Pays Official Visit to Indonesian Army Transport Battalion

The development of digital contributes greatly to the defense sector

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — In order to enhance cooperation, Executive Vice President of Government Services Division of PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) Dedy Mardhianto has paid an official visit to the Transport Battalion of PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) Indonesian army. This visit was directly welcomed by the head of the army transport center, Major General Nurcahyo Utomo. This activity took place in the honorary foyer of Candya Wiratama, Transport Battalion, Jatijajar.

In the era of the 4.0 industrial revolution, the development of digital is increasingly massive and contributes to many sectors, including the defense sector. The commander of the transport battalion, Lt. Col. Chb. Aprijon, briefly presented the Alhub transport battalion and also gave Telkom a demonstration of the technology held by the transport unit of the army transport center.

Executive Vice President of Telkom’s Government Services Division, Dedy Mardhianto, said: “Telkom, as BUMN, will continue to provide support to the activities carried out by the Indonesian military in the performance of its defense duties. of the country against attacks from both outside and inside. We hope that this long-standing good cooperation can continue and be mutually reinforcing,” Dédy said.

On the same occasion, the Chief of the Army Transport Center, Major General Nurcahyo Utomo, said, “We from the Transport Center are very happy and grateful for the services and cooperation with Telkom that worked so far. We always welcome the digital developments that are happening right now because Telkom is a public company that is able to provide communication solutions that are central to the transport hub of TNI AD,” Major General Kapushubad Nurcahyo said. utomo.

Also present at the activity were senior executives from Telkom’s government services division as well as senior officers from the army’s transport center. In the future, it is hoped that this cooperation can continue to be well established and that Telkom can continue to provide maximum support through the telecommunications infrastructure.

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