PSSI wants the Indonesian national team to run like Canada

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

PSSI ambitious to emulate the success of Canadian football which has just been named the best player of the year Fifa.

The award was given to Canada as the country with the highest ranking increase when the FIFA rankings were announced on February 10, 2022.

If calculated from October 2014 to February 2022, Canada moved up 89 places. From December 2020 to the last announcement on February 10, Canada jumped 39 places, from 72nd to 33rd place.

This is the highest FIFA ranking in Canadian football history. Previously, Canada’s highest ranking was 40th in 1996.

This is a new FIFA record since the ranking system was implemented in 1993. The previous record was set by the Jamaican national team in 2015 with a jump of 21 levels from ranking 76 to 55.

In FIFA’s February 10 statement, The Gambia also jumped 25 places (to rank 125 out of 150) after their inaugural participation in the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations successfully entered the quarter-finals.

Indonesia were also able to climb 10 levels in October 2021 (175 to 165) after successfully conquering Taiwan (2-1, 3-0) in the 2023 Asian Cup qualifying play-offs.

“Building a quality national team needs a process. Even an endless process or an endless process. It’s not a one-time job,” PSSI wrote on the official website.

“It takes hard work, patience and sacrifice. There may be ups and downs like Canada or other countries. But optimism, motivation and fighting spirit in the end can bring brilliance to the Garuda national team.”

Currently, the Indonesian national team under the leadership of Shin Tae Yong is preparing to face the FIFA Matchday, from March 21 to 30, 2022.

This test match will also serve as a preparation series for the SEA-Games Hanoi, May 12-23. Also qualifier for Asian Cup 2023 June 8-14.

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