Protesters upset, Canadian defense minister stops speech and walks off stage

Anand’s speech about Canada’s aid to Ukraine to fight the Russian invasion was cut short when a woman wearing reckless glasses stood so close to the stage holding up a poster reading “Stop The War!”

The woman didn’t want to leave even though the officers sent her away.

Other posters also contained a condemnation, forcing Anand to breathe and was forced to take a break.


Anand then asked the protester to show the poster more clearly.

“Can I see your poster?” asked Anand.

Then he raised the bar by saying that the aid Canada sent to Ukraine was humanitarian aid to support democracy and defend sovereignty.

“Thank you for sharing with me and I want to say that the aid we sent to Ukraine is aid that supports democracy, sovereignty and a rules-based international order – the same order that brought you done, everyone in this room, and our country, safe since the end of World War II,” Anand said.

Toronto Star columnist Martin Regg Cohn had also warned the protester to stand closer to Anand.

Holding back his annoyance, Anand asked to leave the stage for a while.

“I’m going to take a break, Martin. Thank you very much,” said Anand, who was clearly uncomfortable.

About 10 minutes later, Anand returned to the stage. He described the steps Canada has taken to help Ukraine and has donated millions of dollars in military equipment since Russia began its invasion on Feb. 24.

“Thank you for (coming back) back,” Martin said, once again welcoming Anand’s appearance.

“No problem. It’s democracy,” Anand replied briefly.

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