Promoter Reveals Justin Bieber’s Asian Concert Fate, Jakarta Ago

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

concert promoter justin bieber in Asia open voices after the Canadian singer announced the cancellation of the rest of the tour for health reasons.

In a social media upload on Wednesday (7/9), AEG Presents Asia said it was aware of Justin Bieber’s decision. However, according to the promoter, the Asia tour schedule is still on schedule.

Justin Bieber is known to have given a series of concerts in several Asian cities as part of the Justice World Tour. Asian cities are New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Manila, Jakarta for two days, Bangkok, Nagoya, Osaka for two days and two days in a city in Japan.

“Beliebers in Asia, we know Justin Bieber has decided to take a break from touring and wish him a speedy recovery and we admire his decision to put his health first,” the promoter wrote.

“We look forward to him being back on tour. Our understanding is that the Asian tour is continuing as planned. Stay tuned for the latest developments,” he continued.

Justin Bieber previously announced that he was postponing the rest of his world tour due to health concerns. The news was announced via social media uploads on Tuesday (6/9) US time.

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“I’m going to take a break from my tour for a while. It will be fine, but I need time to rest and get better,” he wrote in the caption.

In the upload, he did not mention the time limit for the break or the details of the tour schedule affected by the decision.

Justin Bieber only revealed how he felt when he returned to the stage after canceling his North American tour some time ago.


“After resting and seeing doctors, my family and my team, I went to Europe with the aim of continuing the tour. I played six live concerts and it was really bad for me,” said writes Justin Bieber.

“This weekend I played Rock in Rio and I did my best for the Brazilian people. But after I got off the stage, I felt so tired and I realized that I had to give the priority to my health.” He continued.

This is what made him then decide not to continue the world tour indefinitely.

This is the second time Justin Bieber has canceled this tour this year. In June 2022 he canceled his tour due to his recovery from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome which left half of his face paralyzed.

But at that time, the promoter of Justin Bieber’s concert in Jakarta believed that Justin Bieber’s team would come to Indonesia at the end of June to conduct a survey and discuss the production.

“We’re still moving forward as usual, preparing for all kinds of things. Stick to the schedule,” Agung told CNNIndonesia.comSaturday (18/6). still trying to contact Agung about the whereabouts of Justin Bieber’s concert in Jakarta.


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