Proliga 2023: Breadfruit Badak can’t move against Jakarta Bhayangkara

Gresik, East Java (ANTARA) – Kudus Sukun Badak’s men’s team couldn’t budge against tenacious Jakarta Bhayangkara Precision and fell 0-3 (15-25, 23-25, 21-25) in the of the PLN Mobile Proliga 2023 match, the first round of the second round at the National Tri Dharma Stadium Petrokimia Gresik, on Thursday evening.

The win solidifies Bhayangkara Presisi’s position at the top of the leaderboard with 20 points, while Sukun Badak is still stuck at the bottom of the leaderboard with a collection of 3 points.

In this match, Sukun Badak’s coach Ibarsjah Djanu fielded a new foreign player from Canada Jared Jarvis but his performance was less than optimal and did not help his team defeat Bhayangkara Presisi.

“Jarvis only joined for a few days, hasn’t joined the team yet. He’s also finished dealing with the Kitas (temporary residence permit) in Singapore, he has to go back and forth,” said Sukun Badak’s assistant coach Nur Widayanto after the match.

Jared Jarvis was brought in to replace Brazil’s Gabriel Souza Molina whose performance was unsatisfactory in the first round. Meanwhile, Hamish Connor Hezelden of Australia has been retained.

“Hopefully in the next game Jarvis’ performance will be even more consistent because his quality is indeed good. Previously he was still played although not optimal for him to adapt quickly to the atmosphere Proliga,” added Nur.

Meanwhile, Jakarta Bhayangkara Presisi coach Riedel Alfonso Gonzales Toiran expressed his satisfaction with his side’s performance so they can claim a landslide victory over Sukun Badak.

“In the first round of matches, the children often got carried away by the tempo of the opposing game, although at that time we were able to win 3-1. This time, I ask the children to continue to concentrate” , said Toiran. .

The coach who already managed to win the Proliga while still playing with Surabaya Samator added that his team must stay focused on getting the top four tickets.

“That’s why I rarely play substitutes because the position is not safe. Later, when it’s certain (to get into the top four), maybe I’ll give the substitutes a chance to appear. Their quality is very far from the main players, I don’t want to take risks,” Toiran said.

Jakarta Bhayangkara Presisi team captain Nizar Julfikar added that the appearance of two foreign players, namely Daudi Okello (Uganda) and Gareth Thomas Muagututia (USA), has more integrated with the local players , which had helped the team a lot to win.

“I myself am adapting to their style of play (Daudi and Gareth), but now it’s much better than the previous series,” said the national team starter.

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