Profile of John Herdman, former women’s soccer coach who leads the Canadian national team to the 2022 World Cup

TRIBUNKALTARA.COM – Take a look at the profile John Herdmanex coach leader of women’s football Canadian national team in World Cup 2022.

competition in World Cup 2022, Canadian national team will be driven coach british origin, John Herdman.

No one would have thought Canadian national team can switch to World Cup 2022 of the Concacaf zone, because this North American country is not steeped in football culture.

Same Canadian national team seems unconvincing because it points to the old coach the women’s soccer team to become the ultimate tactician.

But since holding John Herdman, Canada transformed into a surprise team in North America, which is capable of coast to coast with the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica.

Proven position Canadian national team was able to climb to 41st with 1475 points in the FIFA rankings.

Position The Canucks better than Cameroon, Turkey and Greece.

Canada’s national team coach John Herdman. (Instagram / @canadasoccer)

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So who exactly John Herdman?

John Herdmann is coach Canadian national team in World Cup 2022.

The 47-year-old tactician joined Canadian national team since January 2018.

While working Alphonse Davies et al, John Herdman managed to score 31 wins in 46 games.

Last name John Herdman publicly applauded Canada to have been able to bring the national team to world Cup after 36 years of absence.

With the capital to train the women’s football team, John Herdman to have understood the habits of the players Canadaso it is not difficult to form the men’s team.

“We were able to identify a lot of key elements, whether it’s the brotherhood, the team spirit the players are working on and what keeps the team on track, or the exceptional ability of our forwards and full-backs. , or the quality of our transitions,” said John Herdman, quoted by the FIFA website, when he revealed the strength of the Canadian national team.

Canada National Team Team.
Canada National Team Team. (Twitter/@CanadaSoccerFR)

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