Princess Patricia returns to the world of entertainment

Jakarta (ANTARA) – After a 10-year hiatus from the entertainment world, actress Putri Patricia said she was grateful to be able to return to acting by joining the horror movie ‘Devil’s Supper’.

“I haven’t been in the entertainment business for very long. In fact, I’ve been shooting a movie for the past month. So it seems like God intended me to be created for entertainment, so I’m back on entertainment is on track again,” Putri said at a press conference. “Devil’s Supper” in South Jakarta on Thursday.

“Thank God, Alhamdulillah, if I am still given the opportunity to be able to return to the world of big screens, small screens,” he added.

After not acting for a long time, Putri admitted that she was nervous when she returned to the entertainment world. But before she began filming ‘Devil’s Supper,’ Putri admitted she was grateful she had time to prepare for the reading with her co-stars from the film.

“For this project, I prepared it, fortunately it can still be read. But if it was shot last month, to be honest, I am under very high tension. Because I haven’t played for more a decade,” Putri said.

“So those who filmed yesterday were more under pressure because they don’t know what this (entertainment) world is like anymore. Even though there are words that say if you can ride a bike, even if you don’t haven’t been on a bike for a long time, once you’ve been on a bike you’ll know how to do it. So that’s what I’ve been through,” he continued.

Although she already had acting skills before, Putri also admitted that she learned a lot of new lessons when she returned to the entertainment world. Not only that, the character of Ms. Santi that she played in “Devil’s Supper” also made her try new things that she had never done before during her career in the entertainment world.

“But I don’t rule out the possibility that there are a lot of new things to learn. For example, in the character of this film, I played a similar character for a long time. But the character of Mrs. Santi has a scene that I’ve never seen before and never imagined I would have done before,” Putri said.

“So it’s a must for me. So indeed every project has a different character, different experiences. In other words, even though I can already ride a bike, I can already speed up, but the terrain is different, so I have to learn more,” he concluded.

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