Prime Minister Trudeau blames Russia for shutting down Canadian news agency

Russia’s actions constitute a violation of freedom of the press.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, OTTAWA — Premier Justin Trudeau condemned on Wednesday (5/18/2022) condemned Russia for closing the office Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)/Radio Moscow, as well as the revocation of press status and journalist visas. Trudeau said Russia’s actions were a violation of press freedom.

Trudeau announces the closure Radio Canada it’s not acceptable. According to Trudeau, Russian President Vladimir Putin has closed Radio Canada because of his fear of honest journalism.

“It’s unfortunate, but not surprising, that he’s trying to shut down a powerful journalistic institution,” Trudeau said. Anadolu AgencyThursday (5/19/2022).

Radio Canada funded in part by the Canadian government. Chief Editor Radio-Canada News Brodie Fenlon says, Radio Canada receive approximately $1.4 billion in funding in 2021. Radio Canada remain an independent and non-pro-Canadian government.

“Our journalism is completely independent of the Canadian government and we are saddened to see the Russian government combine the two,” Fenlon wrote on Twitter.

desk Radio Canada Moscow has been functioning for 44 years. Fenlon said it was the first time the government had closed one of the agency’s offices.

“This appears to be another move by Russia to stifle a free and independent press within its borders,” Fenlon said.

Moscow Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the CBC’s closure was a retaliatory measure because Canada had banned the site. Russia today (RT). In March, Canada banned RT and RT France, for opposing Ukraine. Canada mentions RT presenting abusive content. Trudeau said the action was necessary because RT and RT France published a false narrative about the war in Ukraine.

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