PRIMA supports the approach of the Governor of Central Sulawesi

PALU, MERCUSUAR – Adil Makmur People’s Party of Central Sulawesi (PRIMA) supports the Central Sulawesi Governor’s decision to terminate PT Vale’s contract license. The governor’s decision was deemed appropriate, as a leader who called himself a “people’s governor”.

This was conveyed by PRIMA Central Sulawesi spokesperson Azman Asgar in a press release received by the editorial staff on Saturday (10/9/2022). According to him, the choice not to extend the contract permit of PT Vale was made during a hearing (RDP) with the Secretary General and Plh Minerba of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and RDPU by the Vale committee of Committee VII, in the Committee VII Chamber of the Indonesian House of Representatives in Jakarta, Thursday (8/9/2022). ), is a step that must be jointly supported.

The expiration of PT Vale’s work permit contract, he said, was the best impetus for the region to take immediate strategic action related to increased regional finances, which the Central Sulawesi Governor has continued to advertise.

During approximately 50 years of operation in the Central Sulawesi region, virtually no significant contributions have been made by the Canadian-based company, both in terms of increasing regional revenues and environmental issues.

He said regions need to be more confident in managing their own natural wealth. All existing resources should be able to provide benefits for increased regional incomes in all sectors, especially mining.

According to him, the governor’s refusal to extend Vale’s license must be seen as an attempt to fight the hegemony of the neoliberal economic system in the mining sector. This is one of the main reasons PRIMA strongly supports what the Governor has done for PT Vale.

The expired PT Vale license should be immediately returned to the Central Sulawesi Regional Company (Perusda). We hope that the role of Perusda will also be enhanced by building a better, professional, transparent and accountable system, as this is the only reason for improving regional finances. */I F

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