Presenting daily life in Canada, Lee Min Ho attracts the attention of Internet users!

KPOCHART.NET – On February 19, handsome actor Lee Min Ho posted several photos while in Canada.

As reported Nateactor Lee Min Ho was recently discovered to be in Canada

In a photo shared on his personal Instagram, Lee Min Ho appears to be enjoying the beach atmosphere in Canada.

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What caught the attention of netizens was his appearance when he wore a hat, thick pads and hand warmers, as if he were exercising outdoors.

This famous actor never stops exercising even if his face is angry in cold weather.

Not only that, this handsome actor also showed off his tall proportions which immediately melted the hearts of his fans.

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“It is already beautiful, but even in regular practice, perfect”,

“The accommodation is very nice, but I won't leave the house to exercise or anything,”

“Jogger on a trip, as expected, Lee Min Ho is amazing”,

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho recently made headlines by showing his large-scale accommodation in Canada, which is a mansion and shows his daily life.

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