Pope calls nurse who ‘saved his life’ into ministry

Pope Francis has a Vatican doctor who he says was recently called into his personal servicesave the life“, indicated Thursday, August 4, the Holy See.

This appointment comes as the 85-year-old pope suffers from recurring health problems. He underwent colon surgery last year and has suffered from pain in his right knee for several months, which has forced him to reduce his activities.

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Massimiliano Strappetti, nursing coordinator for the Vatican Department of Health and Hygiene, has been appointedpersonal health assistantof the pope, according to a press release. Massimiliano Strappetti has been identified as the hospital orderly who the pope paid tribute to in an interview last year for convincing him surgery was needed to heal his inflamed colon. “He saved my life!“, confirmed the Pope on the Spanish radio Cope after the operation of July 4, adding that the nurse had worked in the Vatican for about thirty years and that she “lots of experience“.

Returning from a trip to Canada at the end of July, the pope admitted to having had to reduce the speed of his trip, even mentioning the possibility “put aside“. Since the beginning of May, the Argentinian Jesuits move around in wheelchairs or on a cane. According to the Vatican, to relieve his knee pain, he regularly received infiltrations and followed physiotherapy sessions, which promoted wisdom about his However, Jorge Bergoglio has the option of being removed from surgery, confident of “afteranesthesia last year. Already in his youth he suffered a partial removal of a lung and suffered from chronic sciatica.

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