Political Indicators Survey: General society agrees that Russia and Ukraine will be invited to the G20 summit

Tribunnews.com journalist, Gita Irawan

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – The results of the Indonesian Political Indicators Survey from June 16-24, 2022 indicate that the general public agreed that Russia and Ukraine were invited to the G20 summit in Indonesia.

Indonesian Political Indicators Executive Director Burhanuddin Muhtadi explained that the survey results indicated that only 30% of the population knew that Indonesia was a G20 presidency.

The survey shows that among respondents who know, most people agree to invite Russia to the G-20 summit despite opposition from Western countries.

The question asked in the survey is whether you are ok with Indonesia continuing to invite Russia to the next G20 summit in November 2022?

While the background to the questions asked in the survey is that Russia is also one of the member countries of the G20 group.

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In conflict or war situations between Russia and Ukraine to date, a number of G20 member countries oppose Russia’s participation in the G20 summit (such as America, Australia, Canada, Great Britain and the European Union).

According to the survey results, respondents who said they strongly agreed 7.9%, agreed 67.9%, disagreed 14.5%, strongly disagreed 4.5% and don’t know or do not answer 5.1%.

In total, he said, about 75% of people who agreed with Russia were still invited despite opposition from countries such as America, Australia, Canada, Britain and the European Union.

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Also, he said, of those familiar with Indonesia as the G20 presidency, the public generally agrees that Russia and Ukraine are invited to the G20 summit.

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