Police arrest Canadian truckers blocking main bridge to US

FLASH KLATEN – Traffic came to a halt at North America’s busiest border crossing as Canadian truckers and others, angered by the vaccine mandate, called for protests outside Ottawa.

Trucks began blocking the Ambassador Bridge connecting the cities of Detroit and Windsor on Monday evening February 7, 2022 and cutting off traffic in both directions.

Reported KILASKLATEN.COM of The Guardiannoted that on Tuesday, entry into Canada remained temporarily blocked and traffic to the United States slowed.

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Every day, the 8,000 trucks that normally cross the bridge and handle approximately 27% of the trade between Canada and the United States.

Protesters also targeted another major border crossing in Coutts, Alberta.

Canada’s capital remains jammed with hundreds of Freedom Convoy vehicles as protest organizers have called for a meeting with all federal political leaders except Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to find a solution peaceful to crisis.

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