Pirelli confirms Canadian GP tires will be of good quality

F1 News: Mario Isola, head of F1 and motor racing at Pirelli, stressed that the tires that will be used for the Canadian GP will be of good quality. Racers don’t have to worry about tire durability when competing.

It is undeniable that the Gilles Villeneuve circuit which will be used for the Canadian GP has unique characteristics and is difficult to predict. The weather is also variable and will of course greatly influence the progress of the race. Based on data from the last three years, Pirelli is confident that the tire compounds prepared for this year’s race are of good quality. There is no reason to doubt the durability of the tires or anything like that.

grand prize Canada has unknown factors that the team must take into account. The weather is changing, the available data is quite old, about three years ago, the tire lineup is different from last time, with updates to the compound and structure. All this on a little used track, which would require a very high evolution. Compared to Montreal, the current compound should be more stable and the window of use wider, allowing drivers to attack harder on each track. stint,Mario said.

“The risk of overheating is less. An interesting aspect of this circuit that can influence strategy is the time it takes to get through. ditch. A runner can enter and exit the escape route “less than 20 seconds, the lowest time on the calendar,” he added.

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