Persija Jakarta striker managed to score a goal against Canada, one of the World Cup participants

TRIBUN-BALI.COM, DENPASARNews Persia JakartaAbdul Yusuf Helal who is the striker Persia Jakarta able to score a goal for any of the teams participating in the 2022 World Cup, namely Canada.

original striker Bahrain that, able to score goals on goal Canada and even compensated his opponent with a final score of 2-2.

In the friendly, Yusuf Helal performed well in the match at Al Khalifa Stadium, Qatar on Friday, November 11, 2022.

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In this game, Canada have not lowered players who appear in Europe.

The reason is that they haven’t played their last match for their respective clubs this week.

Therefore, with a team of homegrown players, Canadian players were forced to play hard by Abdulla Yusuf Helal et al.

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National team Canada had an early lead through Ismael Kone in the sixth minute taking advantage of the counter-attacking situation.

After this goal Abdulla Yusuf Helal crazy too.

Eight minutes after the goal Canadaacceleration Abdulla Yusuf Helal on the right side was successfully completed in a horizontal cross which resulted in an equalizer for the national team Bahrain.

Main striker Persia Jakarta he threatens again with a hard kick that endangers the keeper Canada in the 32nd minute.

However, the score did not change after the ball was saved.

The 1-1 score ended until halftime.

In the second half, the terror Abdulla Yusuf Helal to national defense Canada keep on going.

In the 64th minute, his move to the left side managed to attract two players Canada approach Abdulla Yusuf Helal.

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