People’s Party Adil Makmur backs Central Sulawesi Governor’s decision not to renew PT Vale contract

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TRIBUNPALU.COM, PALU – Adil Makmur’s People’s Party (Prima) backs Central Sulawesi Governor’s (Sulteng) decision not to pursue PT Vale’s contract permit.

Prima saw the expiration of PT Vale’s work permit contract as an impetus for regions to take strategic action related to increased regional taxation.

“Mr Rusdy Mastura’s moves are appropriate as a leader who calls himself the People’s Governor. We must support this move together,” Central Sulawesi Prima spokesman Asman Azgar said Monday, 9/19/2022 .

Azman considers that PT Vale has not contributed significantly to the region during its 50 years of operation.

According to him, the regions should be more confident in the management of their own natural wealth.

PT Vale’s expiring license should be immediately returned to Central Sulawesi Regional Company (Perusda).

Prima therefore hopes that the role of Perusda will also be strengthened by the establishment of a professional, transparent and accountable system.

“Existing resources should be able to provide benefits for increased regional revenues across all sectors. hegemony of the neoliberal economic system in the mining sector,” Azman said.

Apart from Rusdy Mastura, the rejection of PT Vale’s contract extension also came from two other governors namely South Sulawesi and Southeast Sulawesi.

Indeed, the Sulawesi parliament has also strengthened its ranks to stop the extension of the contract of the Canadian-based company.

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