PBSI East Java: ‘Indonesia International Challenge’ is the starting point for the rise of young athletes

Malang, East Java (ANTARA) – The 2022 “Indonesia International Challenge” badminton tournament held in the city of Malang is expected to be the starting point for the revival of the sport, especially in the East Java region.

East Java Indonesian Badminton Association (PBSI) General Chairman of the Board Tony Wahyudi in Malang said on Monday that the international-level tournament could be a starting point for the rise of young badminton.

“I hope this tournament will be the starting point for the rise of badminton in East Java which is known for giving birth to red and white badminton players,” Tony said.

He explained that the implementation of the Indonesia International Challenge 2022 tournament is indeed one of the programs of the East Java PBSI which will be held regularly, especially the domestic and international tournaments.

According to him, setting up the tournament should uplift or prepare young badminton athletes, especially from the East Java region.

The region, he said, is known as one of the regions capable of producing major badminton seeds in the country.

“It can elevate or cultivate the seeds of athletes. Hopefully this tournament will be the starting point for badminton in East Java,” he said.

The tournament, which will be held from October 11 to 16, 2022, will bring together 238 athletes from 13 countries.

International level players include Austria, Canada, China, Estonia, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and America.

In the tournament with a prize of 15,000 US dollars, 238 participants participated, including 132 people from abroad and the rest from Indonesia.

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