Passenger emotions His luggage does not come out: “It’s as if we were robbed”


Airplane passengers are once again victims of the increase in air traffic. Their luggage does not come out at Paris airport. It’s like being “robbed”.

Busy flights pass through Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France, hundreds of passengers from all over the world experienced unpleasant events.

Their baggage and baggage did not come out, even though they had been waiting for a long time. The agents did not give a satisfactory answer when they collected their luggage.

One of the passengers who complained about it was Carine. Carine flew from Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris last Tuesday (5/7) with the final destination JFK Airport., New York. For the moment, Carine has not recovered her suitcase.

“When I went to the baggage claim counter, a man put my name on the uncarried baggage list. He told me to go to the lost property section, where I checked my bags,” said Carine, quoted by FOX News, on Sunday. (17/7). /2022).

By the officers, he was forbidden to contact the airline Air France because it would be a waste of time. He was asked to contact JFK airport instead. Carine also felt at ping-pong.

“It’s really moving and frustrating, a waste of time. So I check all the time,” complains Carine.

Another passenger named Khalid Anwar also felt the same. He went from Canada to Morocco, transiting through Paris. Arrived in Morocco, the luggage did not even arrive.

“I waited 3 hours. I complained, but so far I haven’t received a response,” Khalid said.

Kim Rock from New York also had this experience. He felt like he was being robbed by the airline. In his trunk, there are personal medical devices that are quite expensive.

Sources internal to Paris airport said that this situation will continue for some time to come, but he did not know when this situation would improve.

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