Parachute opening too late, this Canadian TikTok influencer tragically dies

TikTok influencer Tanya Paradzi dies while parachuting. Photo: Instagram

JAKARTA, A Canadian TikTok influencer has tragically passed away. A woman named Tanya Paradzi died when skydiving on August 27, 2022.

Paradzi died because it was too late to open his parachute so he fell and hit the ground. This was reported by the skydiving facility in a statement on Facebook.

“Paratroopers open the main parachute which rotates rapidly at low altitude regardless of weather/altitude,” the facility said in a statement. skydiving.

Tanya is new to skydiving at Skydive Toronto. Unfortunately, his new hobby ended in an accident.

According to her friends, Tanya is an adventurous girl. He chose skydiving as his new sporting activity.

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Tanya’s death at a young age surprised many. One of Tanya’s friends said she still couldn’t believe her best friend was gone.

“It was the biggest shock for us. It was very difficult to deal with. It’s been a few days but we still can’t believe it,” said Tanya Paradzi’s friend Melody Ozgoli.

Tanya Paradzi is a TikTok influencer with nearly 100,000 followers. She has already participated in the Miss Canada pageant. Also ask a smart girl. Prior to her departure, Tanya was a philosophy student at the University of Toronto. (jri)

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