Once a dilapidated harbour, Luhut now claims a 2 day dwell time

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment (Menko Marves) Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan said Indonesia should be proud as it is the only Southeast Asian country that is in the top 20 countries with the best port performance.

This is reflected in the median container ship waiting time of 24.9 hours. Luhut even asserts residence time or loading and unloading at the port took about 2 days. Ministry of Transport notes, previously, dwell time at major ports in Indonesia, such as Tanjung Priok Port in 2011-2012, was always in the range of 4-7 days.

“We should be proud that Indonesia is the only country in Southeast Asia to be among the top 20 economic countries, based on the median container ship waiting time reaching 24.9 hours,” he said. said Luhut at the 2022 Green Port Awarding event on Wednesday. (28/12/2022).

Luhut said that Indonesia’s current position in terms of port performance surpasses it of several other developed countries, such as Italy, France, Greece, Germany, the United States, Russia, Australia and Canada.

This achievement, he continued, was inseparable from the hard work of stakeholders and ministries/agencies. He also appreciated the hard work done by the Ministry of Transport, Pelindo and other stakeholders.

“I still remember six years ago we were still struggling with a one-week stay. Now we can have 2-2.5 days,” he said.

He also said that this achievement was the result of the digitalization of ports which has been intensively pushed by the government recently.

Digitization in the port sector is considered to have been able to boost efficiency in order to increase state revenue and reduce opportunities for corruption as much as possible.

“The development of port connectivity and digitalization in Indonesia is on the right track. I am very happy, proud to see friends at Transportation, Pelindo, and all, we are online. Let’s keep improving this, never let up because frankly, I’m really proud that it happened,” he said.

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