On Indonesia losing the WTO case, Energy Watch: This is our resource, fight it!

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -Energy Watch executive director Mamit Setiawan said Indonesia should not be afraid even if it lost the nickel export ban case at the World Trade Organization or WTO. Indonesia also need not worry about the long-term impacts lurking as a result of this decision.

“It is our natural resource. Why be afraid of them? We will fight it,” Mamit said when contacted. TempoSaturday November 26, 2022.

He also asked the investors who will enter Indonesia need not worry. Indeed, the decisions of the WTO are not final. This means that the government still has the possibility of fighting back by filing an appeal. For this reason, he supports the measures taken by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) not to remain silent and asked him to immediately coordinate with the parties concerned to take the next steps.

Mamit said nickel become a natural resource which is the pride of Indonesia and which Indonesia urgently needs for the energy transition. “It’s a result of our nature, we have to bend to harmful rules. Don’t do it because we are a developing country, we are under pressure,” Mamit said.

According to him, the European Union must apply fair. “If they want to, they invest in Indonesia,” Mamit added.

Currently, continues Mamit, even if 90% of the nickel mines are controlled by China, multiplier effect for Indonesia can be seen. For example, of a growing regional economy. Apart from this, Indonesian workers are also absorbed and the country benefits from this endorsement.

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