Often ridiculed because football is not popular in their country, Canada are proving themselves to qualify for the 2022 World Cup

SOREANG NEWSPAPER – Unlike the culture in Europe, Canadians prefer ice hockey and Canadian football as favorite sports.

With this choice, the number one sport in the world, football, became unpopular in Canada.

In fact, due to the unpopularity of football there, it is often the subject of teasing and jokes by several footballers from major countries.

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At least that’s how Alphonso Davies, the Canadian national team defender who plays with Germany’s top club Bayern Munich, feels.

The 21-year-old potential player admits he is often offended and hopes more of his compatriots can play in Europe like him.

“It’s funny, because you know they (his Bayern Munich teammates) play for big European countries, they’re in different tournaments.

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Sometimes it’s annoying the jokes they make, I understand it’s all jokes, but sometimes I take it personally,” Davies said as quoted on the @iMiaSanMia Twitter account in November 2021.

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