Norwegians and Canadians raise funds to buy Turkish combat drones

The combat drones will be supplied to Ukraine to help fight Russia.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, TORONTO — Norwegians and Canadians have launched a campaign crowdfunding or a fundraiser to help buy drone Bayraktar TB2 fighter produced in Turkey. Drone The fighter will be donated to Ukraine to help fight Russia.

In a campaign published on the fundraising website, Spleis, Norway aims to raise 55 million crowns or 5.5 million US dollars to be transferred to the Ukrainian embassy. According to a statement posted on the website, the purpose of the campaign is to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people against Russia.

“Giving Bayraktar of Norway to the Ukrainian people (to) show solidarity with Ukraine’s fight against (Russian President Vladimir) Putin,” reads a statement posted on the Spleis website. Middle East Monitors, Thursday (7/21/2022).

Meanwhile, Canadians are also waging a similar campaign. They aim to raise funds with the same amount of US$5.5 million. The funds to buy drone Bayraktar TB2 and presented in Kyiv ahead of Ukraine’s Independence Day on August 24.

The fundraising campaign, launched by Canadians and Norwegians, was also previously led by Lithuania and Poland. On the Spleis website, the Norwegians are targeting fundraising to reach the goal in the coming days.

“Lithuania collected one Bayraktar in three days, Poland collected three Bayraktars and Ukraine collected three Bayraktars in a few days. Of course, Norway must do at least the same,” a statement on the website reads. .

Campaigns in Poland and Lithuania are increasing their fundraising goals. But Turkish drone maker Baykar refused to pay and provided free drones to Ukraine. Turkey has requested that the amount of money collected be used to help the Ukrainian people.

In recent years, kyiv has purchased dozens of Bayraktar TB2 drones. Some were purchased before the Russian invasion at the end of February, and others after the Russian attack. This drone turned out to be used effectively in Ukraine to attack Russia. Bayraktar drones were previously used in operations in Libya, Syria and Nagorno-Karabakh.

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