No Bra Day is not an event to show off your boobs, it’s history and facts


No Bra Day or World No Bra Day is an annual event held every October 13th. Thanks to this commemoration, women around the world are expected to show more concern for breast health.

Until now, No Bra Day is still widely misunderstood by the public as a place to show off body curves without wearing a single piece of clothing. While this warning is a form of campaign to educate the public about breast cancer prevention.

Cancer is one of the biggest health problems in Indonesia and the second leading cause of death after cardiovascular diseases. Through Globocan 2020 data, breast cancer cases in Indonesia are ranked first with the highest number of 65,858 with a death rate of 22,430 people.

History of the day without a bra

The origins of No Bra Day itself actually began with the idea of ​​a woman who was given the pseudonym Anastasia Donuts while attending World BRA Day (Breast Reconstruction – An Event of Learning and Sharing ). She created a hashtag about No Bra Day on her website that many people followed.

On the other hand, World BRA Day has been in existence since October 19, 2011, and was started by Dr. Mitchell Brown in Toronto, Canada, with a similar goal of raising awareness among women undergoing breast removal (mastectomy) and providing an understanding of the dangers of breast cancer.

Then three years later, the two days were combined and it was decided to celebrate October 13th internationally as well as to commemorate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Facts About No Bra Day

1. Breast Health Movement

Based on its goals, No Bra Day remains the primary interest of several groups, such as medical experts and healthcare institutions, to spread education and understanding about breast cancer. The results also received a positive response from people around the world.

2. Controversy arises

As previously written, No Bra Day opens up opportunities for women to show their innocence on social media, especially for residents of liberal countries. Therefore, this impetus often generates controversy because it creates pornographic content and ultimately does not correspond to its main objective.

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