New rear wing makes Ferrari superior on straight tracks –

F1 News: Red Bull boss Christian Horner says Ferrari’s wing improvements since the Canadian GP make their rivals superior on the straights.

At the start of the 2022 championship season, Ferrari appeared dominant. Finishing 1-2 in the first series, the Bahrain GP, ​​took everyone by surprise.

But when it comes to speed on a straight track, Red Bull Racing is king. In several races, when Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez activated the DRS system, both easily crushed the Ferrari duo, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

But now the situation has turned 180 degrees. Last weekend’s Austrian GP showed that the Prancing Horse had overcome its weaknesses.

Leclerc recorded Verstappen’s overtake three times on the straight. This kind of scenario is clearly not going to happen at the start of the championship.

In response to this, Red Bull boss Christian Horner said Ferrari was slowly starting to be able to cover one of its weaknesses. According to Horner, the Italian manufacturer was helped by improving the fenders of the car which was brought back from the Canadian GP.

“I think their performance is starting to improve. Especially on the straights, which was our advantage,” he told

Even if they receive praise from their rivals, they are reluctant to be happy. Mattia Binotto, as team principal, revealed that Die Roten Bullen are still slightly ahead on the straight.

“As far as straight line speed and the DRS zone, we are clearly still behind Red Bull,” said Binotto.

“We used the new wing in the Canadian, British and Austrian races. With this new wing, I think we closed the gap with them,” he added.

Charles Leclerc’s win at the Red Bull Ring moved him back to second place in the 2022 F1 Drivers’ Standings. He was able to close the distance to Verstappen to just 38 points.

While in the constructors’ standings, Ferrari posted a total of 303 points, perched in second place. The Maranello constructor is still chasing Red Bull who scored 359 points.

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