New Conservative leader, Canadian prime minister: his economic policy is too reckless

Canadian Prime Minister of the Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau, spoke his mind during the Liberal caucus meeting in St. Andrews, New Brunswick on Monday (12/9).
“He will only call for reckless economic ideas that will attack institutions and society by creating injustice, insecurity and restraint. This is not a reflection of a responsible leader,” Trudeau said. , quoted by the Daily Mail. Reuters.

During the campaign, Poilievre blamed the economic policies of Trudeau and the Bank of Canada for fueling inflation. He also backed anti-government protesters who paralyzed downtown Ottawa in February.

In order to fight against inflation, Poliievre promotes cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. But Trudeau scoffed at his stance on cryptocurrencies because it would only destroy people’s savings.

“Anyone who follows this advice will have their finances destroyed. Because cryptocurrencies have fallen dramatically this year,” Trudeau explained.

Poliievre was officially elected President of the Conservative Party of Canada after winning 68% of the vote on Saturday (10/9). He replaces his predecessor, Erin O’Toole, who was ousted by the party in February after losing the election to Trudeau last year.

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