Netizens Respond to Morocco’s Bow of Gratitude After Folding Spain: Masya Allah

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Squad Action Morocco who performed a prostration of thanksgiving after beating Spain in the round of 16 World Cup 2022 at Education City Stadium, Al Rayyan on Tuesday (6/12), going viral on social media.

Morocco beat Spain 3-0 on penalties after a goalless draw for 120 minutes. This is the first time in history that Morocco has qualified for the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

After successfully defeating Spain, almost all players and officials of the Moroccan national team made a prostration of thanksgiving on the left side of the goal where the penalty shoot-out took place.

The actions of Moroccan players who bowed in gratitude after defeating Spain went viral on social media and received a positive response from netizens.

“After winning the game against Spain, the Moroccan team made a prostration of compact gratitude. Masya Allah”, wrote a netizen.

“Moroccan players bow in gratitude after managing to eliminate Spain 3-0 on penalties. It’s cool,” reacted another user.

The same was done when Morocco beat Canada in the group stage and secured a place in the last 16 of the 2022 World Cup. At that time, Morocco made a prostration of gratitude after securing a place in the last 16 as Group F winners.

“The initial moment of prostration in gratitude really gave me goosebumps,” one user wrote.

“The best Moroccan players and staff. Any prostration of gratitude,” wrote another netizen.

[Gambas:Video CNN]


[Gambas:Video CNN]

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