Nagari Koto Malintang Tourist Attraction, 560-Year-Old Giant Tree and Maninjau Lake

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Not all areas have potential in the form of giant tree. The existence of giant Medang trees (Litsea Sp) in Nagari (village) Koto Malintang, Tanjungraya District, Agam Regency, West Sumatra will also be prepared as a tourist destination that can attract tourists.

To achieve this, the government of Nagari Koto Malintang formed the Kayu Gadang Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) to manage and develop the tourism potential of the region. “The Kayu Gadang Pokdarwis have been recognized by the Agam Youth Tourism and Sports Office. They have also received training,” Nagari Mayor Koto Malintang Nazirudin said on Thursday, January 5, 2023.

In addition, a road leading to the big tree has been built 1.2 kilometers long and three meters wide by 2022. In addition, the village will build parks and rest areas at the location of the big tree in order to that visitors can feel at home in this place. .

Because, not only giant trees, this area is also the right place to enjoy a clear view of Lake Maninjau. To achieve this, Nazirudin tries to find funds for the development of the site.

“It’s to attract visitors to the big tree and one of the icons can see Lake Maninjau,” Nazirudin said.

The giant tree said to be the tallest in the world

At this location, there are actually five large trees of varying sizes and locations in the community forest. The largest tree measures 4.6 meters in diameter, 14 meters in circumference, 34 meters in height without branches and more than 50 meters in actual height.

The largest Medang tree is estimated to be around 560 years old and this is based on the formula for finding the age of the wood used. “The tree was visited by students from Padang State University (UNP). traveler the archipelago and foreign tourists from Vietnam, Japan and other countries. The location is close to Lake Maninjau,” Nazirudin said.

Maninjau Natural Resources Conservation Resort (KSDA) Chief Ade Putra in 2021 said the existence of this giant tree in the community forest is a privilege. “If large timber trees are in protected forests, that’s common, but growing in community forests is extraordinary,” he said.

Ade even called it a giant tree like tree wood the biggest in the world. The comparison is the mahota tane wood in New Zealand which is 4.4 meters in diameter. The Outdoor Project Notes for the Questionets Spruces in Olympic National Park, USA also mention that the trunk volume under the Agam medang tree is 337 cubic meters. Then the tree red brook fir in the San Juan Valley, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, has a volume of 349 cubic meters of trunk and timber trees two towers in Tasmania, Australia, has a volume of 358 cubic meters.

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