Mountains in Saudi Arabia Snow Rain, Warlok getting ready for camping


Jabal Al Lawz Mountains or the Almond Mountains in Tabuk Province in northwestern Saudi Arabia, blanketed in snow ahead of the New Year. Residents are also preparing to travel.

The snow is believed to be thickening as the New Year approaches. So this is the best time for local residents (warlok) to set up tents and trek in the snow in the mountains.

Fahd Al-Tarfawi, a Saudi photographer, did not want to waste this moment. He rushed to the area snow on Tabuk it was Sunday (12/26/2022) and started documenting snowfall.

He noted that there would be more rainfall in the coming days. However, the snow falling at this time could not be ignored.

Tourist guide Ahmed Al-Omrani explained to Arab News that it started snowing on Sunday morning, but has not yet reached its usual level. He reminded locals that now is the best time to experience snow in the region. Indeed, the area is included in NEOM’s main tourism development operation.

He added that Jabal Al Lawz is a special tourist area. It is flat, flat terrain and it snows more than once a year.

Al-Omrani also said that this region is also a favorite among European expats. This is because it has weather similarities with European countries, Canada, and the United States. This region is also the prima donna of travelers from the Gulf countries.

The Tabuk region, which is in the northwest of the country and borders Jordan, is geographically located at an altitude of 750 meters and about 193 kilometers from the Red Sea.

The highest average daily temperature in the Tabuk region is 22 degrees Celsius. The coldest period in this region usually occurs in January, with an average low of 5 degrees Celsius and a high of 18 degrees Celsius.

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